Live like lords in the 1800's

Sirdal Safari and Adventures offers an unique experience of how the nobility spent holidays in 1800'

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Sirdal Safari and Adventures offers an authentic experience of how the nobility ate, spent the night and lived on wild reindeer hunting over 200 years ago. The businessman Gerhardt Heiberg bought up large parts of the Sirdal heaths, and offered very attractive wild reindeer hunting and fishing for what was the nobility in Europe at the time. The guests came mainly from Germany and England to live the good life on the mountain. Trongenhytta was moved to Kvæven from Ljosadalen in the middle between Sirdal and Setesdal in 2005. The cabin is completely original and well preserved. SSA offers accommodation, game stew as it was made 200 years ago with drinks, and something to eat in fantastic, and secluded surroundings on Kvæven. This is an absolutely wonderful experience. Suitable for groups and families. Up to 10 people with accommodation in Trongenhytta and the safety cabin. Minimum four people.

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