Fishing Safari

Fishing Safari

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What about a fishing safari on the top of Sirdal's roof, 1000 meters above sea level, with world class fish. Sleepover in a simple hunting cabin, in the reindeers kingdom, or in the old Heiberghytta: Trongenhytta in the middle of Kvæven. Take som food in Kvæven Cafe'. 


  • Fishing Safari

    Fiskesafari - Price 1100 pr. person. Discount 50% on participans nr. 2, 3...

    Day trip with fishing safari on the top of Sirdals roof, with fishing qualiti in world class. The trip starts with local lunch (Mosse, fish) in Kvæven Cafe at 11.30. Then we leave for Svartevatn at 12.00. Svartevatn is Southern Norway's biggest wild area. Here you are surrounded by reindeers and groose. The fish bites, and we have catch guarantee. 

    We then eat what we catch, and the trip is finished in Kvæven at 16.00. Here you can order a fantastic wild dinner with fish or other local food on the menu. 

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