Heiberghytta or Trongenhyttafra from the early 1900s represents what was one of Norway's very first really large tourism products. Here the nobility from Germany and England met to hunt wild reindeer, with accommodation in what were then luxury cabins on the mountain.

The Heiberg Cabin or Trongen Hunting Lodge is from the early 1900s. The Hunting Lodge is named after Thorvald Meyer Heiberg, a business man from Oslo. His vision was to offer wild reindeer hunting to nobility from Europe, and Trongen was one of the cabins used as accomodation. The cabin used to be placed at Ljosadalen, one of the best hunting spots in the area.

One of the visitors at Trongen was Finland's great war hero and later President Carl Gustav Mannerheim. He mixed politics with hunting and storytelling from his many adventures. Experience how Norwegians would spend their summers in the early 1800s by spending a night at Stølshuset. Traditionally the støl (summer farm house) was used in the summer months, when the whole family would come together to grase their animals on the mountains, and cut grass for feeding the animals the rest of the year.

Or how about an overnight stay of the simple kind on a mattress in an old school building. Framheim was a typical school building in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A slap on the finger was common if one forgot to bow or make a curtsy for the miss.

Accommodation will be available for booking from June.

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