How about a fishing safari on top of Sirdal's roof 1000 meters above sea level, with quality world-class fish. Accommodation in the wilderness in a simple hunting lodge, in the realm of wild reindeer, or at the old Heiberg cabin: Trongenhytta in the middle of the yard at Sirdal Fjellmuseum. Preferably before the trip goes on to a guided tour to Kjerag.

Or how about a trip with the veteran bus to the hydropower's pearl gate to Europe's power magazine.

The choices are many. We design guided tours where nature and culture are at the center.

Sustainability always comes first SSA. That is why you will not find any flashy new buildings with us. We are part of nature. We borrow and give back.

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Day trips with Roald and Morten

Feel free to contact one of our guides directly, they are available for both shorter and longer trips.

Roald Klungland

Nature guide

Mob: 911 32 786

Morten Rostille

Nature guide

Mob: 473 07 900

Nature guide with accommodation

Booking for nature guides is on seperate booking site

Fish for mountain trout in the wilderness in the Setesdal and Sirdal conservation area.

Here you will get the chance to try your hand at fishing for mountain trout deep in the mountains in fantastic trout waters. Accommodation takes place in a charming hunting lodge with all necessities needed to live in the wilderness. We share practical chores such as finding water and cooking fish on the grill or propane burner. Read more about this trip here

Read more about this trip here


  • Pr. Prs. 3890, -
  • Group of 3 people: 9285.-
  • Group of 4 people: 10810.-
  • Group of 5 people: 12325.-
  • Group of 6 people: 13840.-

There will be more packages with trips you can book. But already now you can get in touch for how we can make this an unforgettable experience for you.

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