Sirdal Safari and Adventures arranges an outdoor day with a fishing safari with fishing in Svartevassmagasinet in Njardarheim, a course in fish filleting and simple outdoor life, Saturday 31 July

Suitable for everyone and specially adapted for families with children.

Own outdoor dishes at Kvæven cafe and opportunities for filleting and grilling of self-caught fish.

Check out our program, welcome to us


All day - brewed coffee on the fire.

10.00 - Opening

10.15 - Departure first aure safari. Two and a half hour guided tour to Svartevassmagasinet. Dorging from boat / net pulling. Meeting at the parking lot

10.30 - Start outdoor activities at Kvæven. These run all day until 5 p.m.

                - Course in simple outdoor life

                - Mountain swimming. Bring swimwear (weather permitting)

                - Course in fish filleting every full hour. 11, 12,13, etc.

                - Outdoor toys          

12.45 - Departure second Auresafari. The parking lot

13.30 - Bonfire / grill by the stage. Feel free to grill self-caught fish. Possible to buy sausages with accessories

15.15 - Departure last Auresafari. The parking lot

16.00 - Pinata at the stage and end of outdoor program

20.00 - 24.00 - Kvæven mountain pub with Roy Jansen at the Stage. Outdoor seating.

Kvæven cafe is open all day, but has its own outdoor menu!


Aure safari to Svartevassmagasinet costs 100, - pr. pers.

Family kr. 300, - regardless of number

Concert Roy Jansen kr. 100, - pr pers

Ticket sales:

Own link to order

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