Fish for mountain trout in the wilderness in the Setesdal and Sirdal conservation area.

Here you will get the chance to try your hand at fishing for mountain trout deep in the mountains in fantastic trout waters. Accommodation takes place in a charming hunting lodge with all necessities needed to live in the wilderness. We share practical chores such as finding water and cooking fish on the grill or propane burner. Read more about this trip here

There will be an opportunity to smoke fish in the old way, and filleting and cooking of fish in Sirdalsvis. It is also given the opportunity to participate in net fishing for those who want it. We are in the middle of the wild reindeer kingdom and all activity takes place on the wild reindeer's premises.

Here you can just enjoy the tranquility and a night without sound and light pollution just surrounded by the cooing of mountain ptarmigan and the wild reindeer on the horizon. Stand alone or with several people around a mountain lake with kilos of trout in the world's best quality in completely untouched surroundings. We guarantee strong memorable experiences.

You do not have to be in top shape to take part in this trip, but must be able to cover at least half an hour from boat to cabin. Very suitable for families with children who want some challenges and experiences a little outside the comfort zone.

The trip starts with lunch at Kvæven cafe with information about the trip and distribution of safety equipment. Here you get the opportunity to get a taste of what the mountains have to offer, with fantastic ingredients on the menu. Then the trip continues into the wilderness first with a small car transport into a toll road into the landscape conservation area Setesdal Vesthei, and then on for about half an hour by boat. Then it is a half hour walk to the mountain range.

We provide what is needed for food at the cabin, but tour participants participate in the cooking. For those who do not bring fishing equipment, it can possibly be rented from us. WE also offer rental of binoculars and other equipment that is not included in the package. All safety equipment is included as part of the package. The trip ends at Kvæven around noon the day after approx. at 13:00. For those who wish, there is an opportunity to get a discounted dinner at Kvæven before the trip continues each tiul.


Roald, Per Øyvind, Morten


  • Pr. Prs. 3890, -
  • Group of 3 people: 9285.-
  • Group of 4 people: 10810.-
  • Group of 5 people: 12325.-
  • Group of 6 people: 13840.-

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If you want to book the cabin yourself, you pay the difference, if available, corresponding to half the price of each place corresponding to 1945, - up to 6 people

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